Earn money from your website or blog 


One of the best way to make money online is by creating your website or blog and displaying of advertisements on them. You can also create an online store and sell either your products or products of other companies.

You should create a good and attractive website with a minimum of 15 pages. Moreover your website's content should be relevant and appealing. This will increase visitors to your website.

You can earn money from your website by becoming a publisher and displaying ads of  other companies on your website. Affiliate programs, also known as publisher programs are quite simple. 

You get paid for selling someone else's product or services. It is the same as a salesman. Al you have to do is to signup with the affiliate program of  some company. When your account will be approved, you will be given access to the codes of the banners and ads. You place those ads on your website and when someone clicks on those ads, their visit is tracked. There are many types of Affiliate programs:

  • Pay per sale: In this program the sites pay a percentage of the sale when someone referred by you buys something on their site.
  • Pay per click: In this program the sites offer affiliate programs where they pay per click through to their site.
  • Pay per lead: In this program the sites pay you for referring people to their site that signs up for something.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs are:

  • Google Adsense : Google Adsense is a free, fast and easy way for website publishers to display relevant ads on their website and earn money. Know more >
  • Bidvertiser : It is a fast and growing ad network which offers two kinds of programs to earn money. They are publishers and referrals. It is a bit different from other advertising programs. Know more >
  • Pepperjam Network : It is one of the true pioneers of affiliate marketing. It started as an affiliate and then successfully build up one of the largest marketing agencies in United States. Know more >
  • Infolinks : It presents the next generation of In-Text advertising, leading the industry with the most relevant In-text advertising links and highest revenue share-guaranteed. Know more >
  • Adbrite: It is also one of the developing ad-networks and offers programs for both advertisers and website owners. It helps to generate more and more revenue from your ad space. Know more >
  • Amazon: Amazon is one of the most popular ad networks. You can join it as an affiliate and sell their products by creating an online store. You have to direct the customers to their websites and if they purchase some item then you will get commision. Know more >





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